Suzanne Menzel ‎– I Feel It Starts Again (Frederiksberg Records)
Froth - Laurel (Wichita Recording)
Biche – L’Essor (Banquise Recordings)
Adult Book - Casual Wrecks (Lolipop Records)
Inner Wave - Six AM
Boogarins - Invenção (Overseas Artists Recordings)
C'mon Tigre ‎– Guide To Poison Tasting (BDC et K7 ! records)
萬田久子 (Hisako Manda) - 恋するつもりになれば… - Tokyo 1980s Victor Edition - Boogie, Funk & Modern Soul From Japan (Victor)
Automatic - Calling It (Stone Throw Records)
Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos ‎– Brian Wilson (Colemine Records)
Adult Book - Firewalking (Lolipop Records)