Cathedrale ‎– Yet, So Easy (Howlin' Banana Records / Juvenile Delinquent Records )
Steve Mason - No Clue (Domino Records / Double Six)
Crystal Stilts -The Dazzled (Slumberland Records)
Bleu Nuit - Trou Noir (Michel Records)
Tyler The Creator - Earfquake
Le Prince Harry - Part of It (Teenage Menaupose)
Black Devil ‎– No Regrets (Atelier K)
Jonathan Personne - Comme Personne (Michel Records)
Mort Garson ‎– Ode To An African Violet (Sacred Bones Records)
Ishmael Ensemble - The River (feat. Yazz Ahmed) (Severn Songs)
Dead Moon ‎– Dead Moon Night (Mississippi Records)